The South African Society of Archivists (SASA) is a professional association representing archivists and records managers throughout South Africa.  SASA seeks to perform the role common to professional associations, which includes:

  • providing a forum for the sharing of professional expertise;
  • laying down professional standards of performance;
  • representing concerns of members to outside organizations;
  • and protecting the interests of the profession.

In practice SASA achieves these objectives through:

  • the publication of a professional journal,
  • the maintenance of a website,
  • the holding of conferences,
  • the development of regional branches,
  • participation in the development of professional and training standards;
  • provision of training and workshops; and
  • and the provision of input on relevant matters.

The objective of SASA as described in our Constitution is:

“the development of Archival Science and the promotion of the Archival Profession in South Africa”

SASA has been registered as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO)      


SASA was established in 1959 with the main objective of the “furtherance of Archival Science in general and particularly in South Africa”.  This objective is still upheld by SASA today.  An accredited publication The Journal of the South African Society of Archivists was published, which for many years formed the backbone of the Society and played an important role in furthering professional best practice in an ever changing environment. 

We are actively working to stimulate and grow regional representation, and welcome participation from professionals in each region to develop and grow membership.


A National Committee is elected by the membership for a two-year term of office. The new Committee is actively engaged in a number of initiatives aimed at revitalising SASA and the profession.  Office bearers on the national committee are and have always been full-time employed archivists or records management professionals at various archival institutions and work on the Committee is entirely on a voluntary basis. 



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