SASA is the professional association for Archivists and Records Managers

SASA represents professionals working in the fields of archives and records management in South Africa.

SASA has been in existence since 1960. Its overarching objective is the development of archival science and the promotion of the archival profession in South Africa. SASA seeks to represent and support practitioners of all fields of archival and records management work and its membership is further open to anyone who has an interest in archives and records management.

SASA seeks to perform the role common to professional associations, such as providing a forum for the sharing of professional expertise; laying down professional standards of performance; representing concerns of members to outside organizations; and protecting the interests of the profession. In practice SASA achieves these objectives through inter alia the publication of a professional journal, the maintenance of a website, the holding of conferences, the development of regional branches, participation in the development of professional and training standards; and the provision of input on relevant matters. SASA's National Committee is elected by the membership for a two-year term of office. The Committee is actively engaged in a number of initiatives aimed at revitalising SASA and the profession.