2016 Conference

Dear Member,

We are pleased to announce that all presentations and papers for the SASA Conference sessions are now available online at Past SASA events

Attendee, speaker, and service provider engagement as exhibitors,  helped make this year’s Conference to be one of our best. This year, attendees experienced  brilliant new and returning speakers sharing their experiences who were also readily available to network with conference goers. Furthermore, there were many fellow experienced Archive and Records Manager attendees networking, sharing experiences, and learning from and with each other.

It was a great success!

While you may not have been able to attend the SASA Conference Experience, you can view all the sessions online athttp://saarchivist.co.za/past-events. Here you can view sessions to:

  1. Review content of interest
  2. Sample our speakers and content for its quality
  3. Consider whether attending next year’s SASA Conference (Western Cape)  with many more interesting speakers and papers.

The delivery of these papers fulfils the SASA’s annual commitment that all sessions are posted on our website, and available for our profession’s ongoing study.

Planning for next year’s SASA Conference Experience is already underway and promises to be an extraordinary conference.

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2017 Conference


The South African Society of Archivist (SASA), held the Annual Conference on 4-6 July 2017, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

The conference theme for 2017 was: “Archives, records and innovation in the digital era”

The rapid pace of technological innovation in information handling, such as digital technology, has created new opportunities and challenges for Archivists and Records Managers. Long-term preservation and management of digital records is a major concern facing the profession. Creating, managing and preserving digital records involves various challenges, such as policies, standards, new roles and relationships, copyright, meta-data and other technical issues. Lack of skills in this area is also one of the major challenges. The impact of technology is transforming not only the nature of the record but also the way in which people and organizations behave, communicate, and carry out their business. The very nature and role of the record and the archival institution is coming into question. What are the implications for the profession? Are we ready for this rapidly evolving digital world?

The conference provided an opportunity to learn and share innovative ideas, experiences, and latest research on this thought provoking theme.

Conference Sub-themes

  • Technology
  • Equipment
  • Policies, Standards, Legislation
  • Hybrid archives and records management
  • Project management
  • Education and training
  • Born digital records
  • Collaboration and cooperation
  • Access
  • E-signatures
  • Social media
  • Open data, Big data, Data governance

The 2017 conference theme and sub-themes proved to be interesting. with much food for thought.

2017 Conference presentations

AGM Agenda 2017 ( pdf, 632 KB ) (465 downloads) Popular

07 Jul 2017

Antenie Carstens Selection criteria for suitable equipment for digitising projects ( pdf, 12.41 MB ) (555 downloads) Popular

07 Jul 2017

Ashabai Chinyemba Managing the transition from physical to digital records keeping ( pdf, 559 KB ) (467 downloads) Popular

07 Jul 2017

Christopher Grové ONE SMALL STEP FOR TINFOIL ( pdf, 5.14 MB ) (695 downloads) Popular

07 Jul 2017

Forget Chaterera Mehluli Masuku Sindiso Bhebhe Interpares AF03 Integrating ERP systems into records management systems in Zimbabwe ( pdf, 628 KB ) (625 downloads) Popular

07 Jul 2017

Goolam Mohamed Neill Payne Mark Meyer Mycontent in Western Cape Government ( pdf, 616 KB ) (783 downloads) Popular

07 Jul 2017

ICA SAE Directory 2002 ( pdf, 836 KB ) (439 downloads) Popular

07 Jul 2017
Katuu AF01 summary report for SASA July 2017 ( pdf, 1.18 MB ) (586 downloads) Popular 07 Jul 2017
Katuu SASA 2017 Using web analytics to assess Mandela Portal traffic ( pdf, 831 KB ) (404 downloads) Popular 07 Jul 2017
Keneilwe Margret Porogo and Trywell Kalusopa DIGITAL PRESERVATION READINESS IN THE CONTEXT OF E GOVERNMENT IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR IN BOTSWANA ( pdf, 399 KB ) (634 downloads) Popular 07 Jul 2017
Keynote address Corinne Rogers Information ethics and archival practice ( pdf, 639 KB ) (412 downloads) Popular 07 Jul 2017
Leila Bloch Collaboration and Contestation ( pdf, 1.10 MB ) (420 downloads) Popular 07 Jul 2017
Letitia T Myburgh The 150th year watershed The creation of the Standard Bank Heritage Centres secure electronic repository ( pdf, 1.40 MB ) (519 downloads) Popular 07 Jul 2017
Momoti A RECORDS MANAGEMENT MODEL FOR AN INTELLIGENT UNIVERSITY ( pdf, 905 KB ) (499 downloads) Popular 07 Jul 2017
Moseti Management of trustworthy digital records in Kenya Cape July 2017 ( pdf, 1.12 MB ) (409 downloads) Popular 07 Jul 2017
Paul Mullon 10 r easons why you want to be in archives and records management today ( pdf, 417 KB ) (497 downloads) Popular 07 Jul 2017
Paul Mullon Mpho Ngoepe InterPARES project A case study of the Auditor General of South Africa ( pdf, 368 KB ) (511 downloads) Popular 07 Jul 2017
Prof Carolyn Hamilton & Grant McNulty FHYA SHORT PRESENTATION 2017 ( pdf, 1.01 MB ) (548 downloads) Popular 07 Jul 2017
Thandolwenkosi Nyathi Peterson Dewah Ammi Ndlovu and Prosper Dube Challenges and opportunities brought by the use of the Document Management System at NUST Zimbabwe ( pdf, 1.15 MB ) (573 downloads) Popular

2017 Pre-conference workshop


Rogers Pre conference workshop Archival diplomatics and digital records forensics ( pdf, 4.27 MB ) (1084 downloads) Popular

08 Jul 2017

Rogers SASA keynote ( pdf, 494 KB ) (386 downloads) Popular